Scenic Howard Park & Community Center embodies 13.8 acres of Downtown West Palm Beach, Florida, and is a must-see for locals and tourists alike. The park is located on Parker Avenue, adjacent to Cityplace, and right off of the I-95 Okeechobee Boulevard exit. Containing the CityPaws Dog Park, 2 playgrounds, rentable pavilions, a tennis center, an array of sports fields, and a fitness trail, Howard Park truly has something for everyone. The park’s Community Center boasts weekly enrichment classes and a complimentary computer lab. Additionally, it can be privately rented for events of up to 100 people. People of all ages can enjoy the amenities that this beautiful park has to offer.

Many people fail to realize the endless “behind-the-scenes” work that goes in to maintaining the beauty of such a park. The goal of HPCO is to educate the citizens about park maintenance and to spread appreciation to the individuals who keep the park looking gorgeous!

Whether you live in one of Howard Park’s surrounding neighborhoods, you’re a local student in search of community service, or you’re just visiting, come volunteer with us.

HPCO Outreach events are hosted bi-monthly, on the 3rd Saturday of the month from 9AM to around Noon. Our activities are based on the number of volunteers we receive and include, but are not limited to: painting eggs for the annual easter egg hunt, shelving books in the community center, picking up litter, and cleaning graffiti. With your help, we can keep Howard Park looking pristine and unite the community along the way.

Hailey Plummer

Co-founder, Howard Park Community Outreach

Hi, I'm Hailey Plummer and I enjoy playing lacrosse, hanging out with my friends, and helping my community where ever it needs it. I am the historian for my high school’s National Honors Society and a representative for our Cancer Awareness Club. I have participated in many different projects in the community along with some involving Howard Park. I grew up around Howard Park and all and it has always been a place that holds a lot of great memories.

Sarah Shapiro

Co-founder, Howard Park Community Outreach

Hi, I'm Sarah Shapiro. First and foremost, I’ve been an Irish dancer for over 10 years and have competed at the state, regional, national, and global level. Outside of the dance studio, I love chilling at the beach with friends, boating in Florida’s beautiful coastal waterways, and helping out the community. Additionally, I love biology! Having lived in South Florida for my whole life, I’ve grown to appreciate the area’s unique ecosystem, and love to learn more about it. I'm also a member of my high school's National Honor Society, Spanish National Honor Society; and I'm the president of the Science National Honor Society.